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BE – Identify yourself.

What would happen if you have the best product or brand in the world but customers are unlikely to beat a path to your door unless they know about it? Jeff della Mura challenged to all the assistants at Startup seminar organized by Anglia Ruskin University.

His solution was redundant; you need a clear message and the right media to win-over the hearts and minds of your target costumers. This session looked at marketing from the point of view of the startup enterprise and help us to select the right marketing mix for our own business.

He remarked that there are some important facts to consider before the significance of the logo, because everything and anything you reveal, do or say  (or don’t say) could break the way you are perceived. The most important is create popularity, trust, acceptance and adoption of your brand and his products, because organizations that enjoy a ‘positive image’ find that it builds trust (which, greatly increase the adoption of products, plans and promotions). Consequently the brand acquires a tangibly higher value, also the influence  (equating to less risk) & greater popularity (equating to more followers); so the result is that the brand is increasing longevity.

We have to thing as we are the consumer, and we have to be conscientious about the promises we say & which we keep, because ” Your brand is a part of the message but everything is part of the brand”.

So, all we have to do is TO BE. But, ¿what?

Be apparent, noticed & memorable. Be consistent, don’t change too often you appearance, because it undermines credibility. Be understood, people has to know about what are you doing, and why you’re special, suggesting things but ever controlling impressions.

“Remaining silent invites conjectures” (Michael Barrymore)

You have to be concerned, easy to identify, remember & understand. Also, easy to admire. You have to make sure that your visual personality lives according to the brand. Be creative, credible, being sure there aren’t risk of damaging your brand values. Positive,objective with criticism. Ready to change (and be proud & show it!).

“Truth is in the quality of the business”.

He has a brilliant book called: “The marketing toolkit”.